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(screenshot: Star Control 2)

Collection of fanfic and scribblings devoted to my various scifi obsessions.


Dead Pigeons Society
Wiki devoted to the story logs and general information about my roleplaying group's campaigns.
Updated: Whenever we have time to post new logs.

The Space Cases Picture Gallery
Space Cases images, transcripts, backgrounds, and other fun stuff.
Last update: March 15th, 2004

The Babylon 5 Babylon
Babylon 5 jokes, filks, parodies, and general weirdness.
Last update: July 27th, 2003

The Many Deaths of...
A shrine to creative death scenes in various adventure games.
Last update: September 28th, 2003

Have a close encounter with barbershoppers.

Northeastern District Barbershop Convention
Friday, October 24, 2008 and Saturday, October 25, 2008 in Lowell, MA. Come show your support for OnQ!

All the information fit to print (and some that isn't) about the resident barbershopper's quartet.

The Manchester Silk City Chorus site
OnQ's home barbershop chorus.